Bottom Hulls
Superyacht construction standards.
Double bottomed hulls.
Superyacht construction standards.
Systems hard piping.
ABS Hull
Superyacht construction standards.
ABS hull compliance.

Power Catamarans

The experts behind StellarCAT know quality yacht building like few others. From hands-dirty shop floor fit-out and mechanical work, to on board engineers, to specialist marine engineers, to computer sciences engineering, to knowing ABS rules inside out.

The pedigree is one that has been a planned process to arrive where we are at today – the safest pair of hands in the industry to construct your perfect yacht.

The mission from day one has always been to find out how to build boats  And build them better.

Streamlining engineering, manufacturing, production, data, and information into perfect seamless yacht building –
that’s the StellarPM way.

No compromise, quality yachtbuilding

We build to ABS rules.We build a solid, seaworthy, oceangoing, truly safe and capable yacht with the knowledge and experience that many years of building considerably larger yachts and commercial ships has taught us.

Ask a typical production yachtbuilder about their freshwater machinery, their systems redundancies, their piping and their pipe routing, their fuel management systems, their tankage (likely not double-bottomed), their gray water and black water systems engineering, their AC systems, and countless more. And then come and speak to us and see how our systems, fittings, engineering and design is superior.

We are big boat builders and big boat principles and experience abound throughout our StellarCATs.
Superior Quality.
Exceptional yachts built with
superior materials.
Manufactured with the
highest marine grade aluminium available.

Metal reigns supreme.
The preferred choice of professionals
the world over.
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